Here is the syllabus

Unit 1

R install     R tutorial
(See the book "Introductory statistics with R by Dalgaard, Peter" available from Tufts library online.

HW1 posted.

HW2 posted.

Updated notes on Chebyshev, Empirical Rule, correlation coefficient, least squares. Here is the R script for the correlation coefficient calculation.
Here are some notes on basic probability and review 1. Here are additional notes on basic probability.
HW3 posted.

HW1 book solution.
HW2 book solution. HW2 written solution. HW2 R script.
HW3 book solution.   HW3 written solution.   HW3 R script.
Here are more review notes for unit 1.
Here is exam1 and solutions for exam1. (Q1 = 72, Q2 = 78.5, Q3 = 94.25).

Unit 2

Here some notes on permutations and combinations.
HW4 posted.
Notes on Total probability, Bayes rule, Law of large numbers. Here is the R script illustrating the Law of Large Numbers.
Here are the written HW 4 solution and the book solution.
Here are some examples with the Binomial distribution.
HW5 posted.
Some notes on Poisson, geometric distributions. More notes here.
HW6 posted.
Here is the HW 5 solution.
Some notes on continuous (uniform, normal) distributions.
Here are the HW 6 solutions (updated, with counting examples).
Here is the clt note and script from class illustrating the CLT for sample means.
HW7 posted.
HW7 solutions. See HW 6 solutions for the written problem solution.

Here is exam2. Here is the histogram and barplot of exam 2 scores (Q1 = 46, Q2 = 66, Q3 = 82.5). Here are solutions for exam2.

Unit 3

Some notes on confidence intervals I.
HW8 posted.
More notes on confidence intervals II.
Here are some notes on chi squre distributions.
Here is a normal curve area table we have used in the class and here is the t-distribution table. Here is a chi-square table.
Here is the textbook solution and non-textbook HW8 solution and the associtated R script.
HW9 posted.
Notes on hypothesis_testing. Here is the solution to hw9 book problems, hw9 word problems and p-value examples. Here a
Take home exam 3 due Apr 28th class.

Here are notes on MLE and median tests.
HW10 posted. Here are the HW10 solutions.
Here are Exam 3 solutions. Exam 3 scores (Q1 = 80, Q2 = 87, Q3 = 90.75).

Here is the final exam and final solutions. Final exam scores (Q1 = 94, Q2 = 116, Q3 = 120.75).